Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Trip Part 5 Total Eclipse

  Dave had picked Rexburg Idaho as ground zero for our eclipse day. His research was dead on. Most of these shots were from a Nikon D-7200 with 300mm lens shot freehand at F6 and 125/sec shutter speed and ISO 100.

  Now for some shots from a Canon EOS T3I 400mm F 8 1/ 200 sec ISO 200. On my tripod and shot remote release.

  We were lucky to have another photographer with us and he had better equipment and more knowledge and skill. He was also a nice and helpful guy. Below are his pics. Nikon D-800 FX 200mm F-14 0,6 sec. On a very nice stable tripod and remote shutter release that lifted mirror and then took shot to reduce vibration. Thank You, Larry.

  Hope you enjoyed seeing the different quality of pics and the settings used. I hope to be at the next Total Eclipse in Texas in 2024. I will try to be set up like Larry. The eclipse lasted 2 minutes and 36 seconds of total darkness and Jupiter and Saturn bright in the dark sky. There were three stars also, but do not know which ones. The temp fell 19 degrees F and a wind started blowing. Very strange and exotic to witness. I had never been in totality and thought it was hogwash, boy was I wrong. This is a must see in your lifetime event.


  1. Larry's picture of the diamond ring are the best I've seen yet! Beautiful!!!

  2. These are all super pictures Tom. Really envying you being in totality. It sounds and looks simply amazing.

  3. Best photos I have seen! Thanks for sharing the details of camera, lens, F stop, shutter & film speed! That is a big help to us real amateurs. ;)