Saturday, August 12, 2017

Well Screw Me

  I had ordered these Solar viewer filters months ago and have been looking at the Sun on clear days and taking pictures looking through a 300mm lens trying to get my settings correct. Now I had just heard from my Scamp trailer neighbor that he did not want to use my spare filter, as he had heard some were fakes and could cause blindness, so he was going to buy this from REI in Bend Oregon so he would have a good safe one. I just thought he was being nutty. Now I am glad he said no thank you.

UpDate on Squirrels, # 4 got relocated today. So 5 are now gone from my yard.

    A few minutes ago I got two emails from Amazon. Read Below.


We’re writing to provide you with important safety information about the eclipse products you purchased on Amazon (order #11 for #14 Welder's Glass Solar Eclipse and Sun Viewer-Pleasing Green Image of the Sun - Made in USA).

To protect your eyes when viewing the sun or an eclipse, NASA and the American Astronomical Society (AAS) advise you to use solar eclipse glasses or other solar filters from recommended manufacturers.  Viewing the sun or an eclipse using any other glasses or filters could result in loss of vision or permanent blindness.

Amazon has not received confirmation from the supplier of your order that they sourced the item from a recommended manufacturer.  We recommend that you DO NOT use this product to view the sun or the eclipse.

Amazon is applying a balance for the purchase price to Your Account (please allow 7-10 days for this to appear on Your Account).  There is no need for you to return the product. You can view your available balance and activity here:

For more information about safely viewing a solar eclipse please see the NASA and AAS websites.

If you purchased this item for someone else, please pass along this information to the recipient.

We hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service


  1. No doubt there will be plenty of quality video of the eclipse broadcast. Seems like the safer way to watch the eclipse. With all the scams and knock-offs I wouldn't trust anything being sold.

    1. I have already spent hours looking at the Sun through my telescope with that filter. Ether it is good or I will have to learn braille to read posts. it is shade 14 welders glass as I have a shade 13 to compare it to. Kinda reminds me of the overaction of the so called opioid epidemic the DEA is pushing through Washington.

  2. Very nice of Amazon. I'm actually surprised. Hope you get what you need. Don't think we're going to be needing anything here in Maine but I could be wrong.

    1. I was surprised by Amazons quick correction also.
      Are you going up to Nova Scotia in the Fall since you are so close?