Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Enjoyed A Seward Get Away

  We had made cheap reservations in Seward Alaska for three nights this week. The weather did us fairly well, two beautiful sunny days and one overcast with sprinkles. The overcast day was spent inside the Sealife Center. That is where my GoPro died. It would not turn on at all, yet after a few minutes in my pocket, it got so hot I had to remove it and bounce it in my hand to hold it. I thought this baby was going up in flames. I took it back to the cabin and left it outside in an ashtray as it was still smoking hot. This morning it was cool and dead, so I brought it home with us. After having internet I contacted GoPro Tech Support and the guy acted like this was an everyday event. He talked me through a reset and had me put it on charge and tell him lights flashing. It appears to be working again, but my trust is a bit shakey. They created a trouble ticket and I am to use it a few days and see if it does it again. It is charged and appears to record and is staying cool. I will empty the memory chip for safe keeping and store it on a metal hot plate tonight. Me and electronics.

  Most places we like to eat are closed for the season now. We were shocked to see the Seward Brewery was closed until Spring. 

Two sad people in the reflection

The good Chinese restaurant went out of business and the building is for sale. The so-so/crappy one is the only game in town now and has the business, just not ours. 

Squid and cod chunks trying to ween 3 month old Walrus off milk

 We walked a lot and enjoyed the sunny days. Not many campers there now, most are locals from Anchorage. A ship was in on the first sunny day and the town was overrun with sightseers and I thought perhaps too many shops closed too soon. 

Milk was what he wanted and he gets it every three hours, perhaps that is why he weighs 200 pounds now

  Verizon does not have 4G service there, just phone calls and texts. The cabin did not have internet, so I was glad I had a collection of movies on my laptop for the rainy day.

He is upset the human climbed the ladder and left him alone, they are also trying to wean him of people
 Pics through rained on window took with a cell phone.

A sunny day in Seward is hard to beat

  We mostly cooked in our cabin but did have a pizza for the trip back home today. The pizza place closed for the season yesterday, so we had one from a place that had just got an automatic pizza maker. That is a device I could use as my new hobby. I was impressed with the quality of the thin crust mushroom and olive pizza. One of those in an old mail truck with a generator to power it and I could cruise the hood around dinner time.


  1. Tourism must be their main source of income if they all close in the fall/winter. Not enough people left over to support the food and drink businesses?

  2. Seward, a beautiful deep water harbor was how Alaska got freight eons ago. Railroad tracks leave the harbor and go to Anchorage and Fairbanks. Next it turned into a coal exporting port and may or may not go back into that business, EPA politics. Fish processing is a seasonal business that brings many young people there for the summer. So now days cruise ships are the big money and allows the people who stay the winter a chance to have great food for a few months in the summer. There are a few telecom jobs, state road jobs,two votec schools, motel and a prison that operate year around. We will be back there in Feb 2018 and I will report what is open then. It is pretty much a summer city.

    1. Any winter plans for Arizona? Your camper still there?

    2. Our old 1994 Winnebago Adventurer lives in Oceanside California now. We will be there after we leave Alaska in Feb and will be on the beach 12 nights. Our day trips have only gone as far as the Salton Sea so far.

  3. LOL at your new enterprise idea! Why is it always the good restaurants that go out of business and the so so or even bad ones are left?