Monday, September 11, 2017

Linemen Have A Big Job

Having Rainbow Hopes For Our Cabana

  Our island home in Brevard County has been in the news a lot today. Being 14 feet above sea level does make flooding a possibility. The island has been evacuated since last Tuesday and I hope everyone left. Disney World should get the last of the high winds and is reporting gusts of 90 MPH now. By the top of the hour, it should be past the park. After the storm passes, power company Linemen will have a massive job on their hands. Thousands of trees will have blown down power lines and poles. It takes a lot of coordinated work as power must be isolated from lines being worked on and load sharing as lines are fixed. my hat off to them.
  Update: 6.53 million electric customers without power. Major infrastructure damage to be fixed 1st.
Brevard County lost water pressure and system compromised, so water boil required. Big problem is sewage lift stations lost power, so when people in high buildings flush toilets it goes into peoples homes, very bad and they are asking people not to flush. Perhaps it is best the fresh water failed as they can't get rid of sewage. 
Glad I am not there. 

UPDATE 9-29-17: 12 million gallons of raw sewage released into river. Brevard County is still having storm related problems. The sewage system for the local area was overcome with storm runoff and not able to recover. 
Glad I am not there again. 

  It was a sunny nice day for driving Kathy and her friend from Hawaii to see sights in Anchorage. After we dropped her off it was raining in our hood.  It was a fun day with a happy natured fun person.

  We had a classical music concert on Friday and really enjoyed it. It was a good change from staying inside on rainy days. We had another concert today and enjoyed it also.

Brenda enjoyed her day with us.
They both enjoyed their time together
She even had a good moose sighting


  1. Oh dear about the flushing. Rainbows and Moose definitely show visitors a good time.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Brenda and Kathy really enjoyed their day.