Sunday, September 24, 2017

Verizon Enforced 15Gig Limit on Unlimited Data

1153 pages to read the next few days

  Now that this book has been made into a blockbuster movie, I must read it and conjure up the story in my mind and enjoy that. later on, I will be able to watch the movie and see what they did with the story. 
 I never watched the original movie either, so other than knowing it is a creature from outer space that feeds on humans and then hibernates for 30 years, I know nothing. 

  Good thing I have it as my Youtube video watching is over as are my Amazon movies. Since I got this phone I have been happy with it as a hot spot for 106 to 112 Gig a month. Now at 96 Gig used and they sent text and email to tell me I have been restricted to 600KB for the rest of my billing cycle. I now only get 15 Gig of high-speed data each cycle.They have never done this before. Each month my high-speed internet showed as unused and lost at the new cycle. So either they changed something or I did something different that caught their attention. This really blows.

Update: After two chat sessions I am aware of 'The New Unlimited' 600kbps and 4th class traffic. That means no youtube videos or even logging into my bank. I can still look up things and access this blog, but not much more. I have 13 days of this before another 15Gig tease. As I said before This Blows.

  Kathy has been away at camp for 48 hours and so far I have stayed out of trouble. Must keep it together for a few more hours.

 Below is a chart for viewing the Space Station from Cocoa Beach Florida. Go to NASA.Gov and sign up for the auto emails of when the station will be visible from your area. Kinda nice on a clear night to watch it pass over.

Update 9-27-17: Kathy is home and doing more volunteer things. I have been reading about that clown Pennywise and he has killed 3 so far by sucking the life force out of them. In other words, I have finished the first chapter.

 The old minivan has new tires now. With all this rain it was getting scary to drive on almost slick tires. So after paying $420, I have new Michelin all-season tires.

 My Solar binoculars came in the mail and my neighbor helped me find the Sun. They work great for looking at sunspots and waves on the surface if I can locate the Sun. They are well made but 10x 25mm makes it hard to get on target. They were free to me as Amazon gave me money back for Solar Viewers I had purchased and used for the eclipse.

 Living with limited internet reminds me of the 56k dial-up days. I can read blogs but not see pictures and I can't make a new post, but can edit this one. So that is how I spent one sunny day and several rainy ones. 

DateVisibleMax HeightAppearsDisappearsShare Event
Thu Sep 21, 5:10 AM1 min16°15° above NNE15° above NE  
Thu Sep 21, 6:44 AM5 min30°11° above WNW11° above S  
Fri Sep 22, 5:54 AM4 min78°48° above NW10° above SE  
Fri Sep 22, 8:50 PM2 min40°11° above SW40° above SW  
Sat Sep 23, 5:05 AM< 1 min13°13° above ESE11° above ESE  
Sat Sep 23, 6:38 AM< 1 min10°10° above WSW10° above SW  
Sat Sep 23, 7:58 PM5 min31°10° above SSW15° above ENE  
Sun Sep 24, 8:44 PM2 min30°25° above WNW21° above N  
Mon Sep 25, 7:50 PM6 min72°11° above SW12° above NE  
Tue Sep 26, 8:36 PM2 min12°12° above NW10° above N  
Wed Sep 27, 7:44 PM3 min23°23° above NW11° above NNE  
Fri Sep 29, 7:37 PM< 1 min10°10° above NW10° above NNW


  1. I've never been techno nerd enough to understand all that GB and throttling stuff. From what I can see it is airtime, which is intangible. I see where Verizon is also telling some customers who roam too much, especially where they don't have towers, to find another carrier. Who chases off customers?