Thursday, September 28, 2017

Went Shooting On A Sunny DAy

  Fall is passing fast here. Snow expected in twenty days or so. I took advantage of this nice day to shoot 100 rounds of 223 ammo I did not want. It was fun and I did not do too bad at 100 yards with iron sights.
$ 350 AR-15 and cheap Russian spotting scope. I am a tightwad.

Not great, but not bad 
 That group got me called a showoff by two hunters sighting in their 338 Magnums. It was two clips shot as fast as I could sight in target at 100 yards with iron sights. I like the low recoil of a 223.

Kathy has been raking leaves. It is a lost cause.

  I think one more mowing and I will be done for the season. Then it is wash up the mower and drain the gas and change the oil to pack away for the Winter.

Getting close to that time of year


  1. Fall is a great time of the year, except that it portends the coming of winter. But, we scoot then, eh Tom? Just one more benefit of a retiree.

  2. Yes it is! We finished year 6 today and we are both happy we left the workforce behind. Three more years of Snow Birding appears to be the plan for us at this time. We live our life in three year plans and they can change but it is nice to see if life is what we want it to be each 3 years.