Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Alaska Aviation Museum


  Today was another 21-32 degree day and I was at the air museum when it opened. I had not been there since the early 1990s. It has improved, but they need a larger hanger to display the fine 1920-1930s aircraft. Most are or could be airworthy.

1928 Stearman C2B
  The weather forecast is for more of the same until Sunday. The Sunny clear skies have been nice.

  This museum is about aircraft and people who flew in Alaska.

Pilots still die way too often up here

OX 6 engine from 1910s Very reliable for the time & thousands made for J4 Jenny trainers, sold cheap after the war . That is how barnstorming came to be.

85 HP Franklin on left, unknown center, Continental 85 on right 

Stinson L1F military observation airplane


  1. I love looking at older aviation. Those are some great photos, did you take those with your phone? Sounds like the weather in Vegas cannot come soon enough.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment. I noticed my post about what we did in six years got over 300 views and zero comments. Perhaps it was poorly written or just a bad subject, I do not know. I took wifey's Lumix 80X camera to the museum to try and learn to use it. It has a 20mm to 1200mm lens. The museum is so crowded I will take my Nikon and Tamron 16mm lens next time. It should be this week and I will show more beautiful old airplanes. Starting to make packing list for Vegas now.