Friday, October 27, 2017

Cirque Du Soleil ' O '

We had a busy fun day. A spa for Kathy and playing dollar slots for me. Then a fine lunch and 3 mile walk to Atomic Museum. It was educational to see and we both enjoyed it. Then we rode Uber back to the Luxor Hotel. This is the first trip we have ever used the service. It started when we discovered it was nine pm at the Mob Museum! No taxis to be seen. I downloaded the app and a car was en route to pick us up. We have used it several times since.

 The main event today was attending O. Kathy got us front row center stage seats. We did get a bit wet but not soaked. It is a must see show and I do not know how they live through some of the acrobatics they perform.

 The stage is a giant pool of water with an open grate floor that lifts up to any level even above the water. Many separate grates make up the stage and they each can be at a different level. It allows for some amazing things to happen.

  Then a tram over to the Aria Hotel for a fantastic dinner buffet and Uber back to Luxor. We have one more show then Uber to the airport.

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