Thursday, October 12, 2017

Flu Shots Today

  Today was return books to the library and both of us got a flu shot. I have the plant pots put away as well as the mower and the water hose. It is getting the time of year when snow may come any day and then it is too late. The temps have been staying high this Fall but nature marches on. 
Meds have vastly improved life in the last 100 years

  Not a lot been going on. Doctor appointments, a few dinners out and otherwise home reading or watching movies. I did mow the lawn and started getting the garage for Winter mode. Two vans inside and all Summer tools put away. 

This display at liquor store seems a bit ominous 


  1. I'm back blogging. The word snow makes me cringe when I read that. I'm never ready for winter and am glad I have a couple of months or so until that happens. That's quite a medicine cabinet you have.

  2. Snow makes me yell when the first flakes hit my bald head. I was wondering which pills would make me small when I viewed that bin. No aches or pains from the shots. We both get 2nd pneumonia shots at end of the month, hope they are easy also. I will look in trash and get that url added to my list, it got forgotten in my time of no internet.