Sunday, October 1, 2017

Starting Year Seven of Not Working For A Living

Largest Crane In Alaska
  We finished year six with a six-mile fast walk at Eklutna Lake. It was breezy and 51 degrees and sunny. Fantastic weather for a cardio walk along the now full lake.  Then drove home and had dinner and watched SNL and called it a good day.

  This crane has been in the news a bit and has been used to lift a full-size excavator up and over to an old dam the native corp wanted to tear down. The excavator had a jackhammer instead of a bucket. When this is transported only one track fits on a giant truck and that should give an idea of the size. They completely disassemble it to relocate.

These hydraulic cylinders are holding up the extra weights  

 Sunday is forecast to be sunny and cool also, so yard work is planned. I will see how much I get done before the week of rain comes. 

 Car thefts have been the big crime in the news this week. Guys are hitting car dealers and stealing those expensive keys and stealing a few nice cars also. Appears to be an odd crime to me.
Update 10-8-17: Police say a house was rented in Eagle River and converted to a chop shop where cars were stripped of high dollar items to be sold. Many of the stolen cars found in pieces there.

Liebherr LR 1600/2 $ 3.125 Millon Lifts 660 Tons

  I watched a horror movie on DVD from the local library last night. It is called GET OUT and reviewed as terrifying. I laughed my buns off and thought it was a comedy. It is written and directed by Jordan Peele. If you want to see a funny mystery watch it. Too much for local Police and beyond FBI ability, not to worry TSA is on the case.

  Now for a few lake pics, for those not into machines.

A sunny day brings out a lot of people and dogs
  Today started with the farmers market for me and a volunteer job for Kathy. So now were are stocked for a week on good things to eat.

  I will make a post soon listing all the things we did in our first 6 years. Not every meal and poopie, but places we went and things we did.

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  1. Congrats on six years. Don't you just love retirement? Wish I'd done it starting in my 30's. :-)))