Monday, October 2, 2017

Verizon Data Speeds Tested

Charley Brown was right, they are rushing Christmas

  I noticed my New Unlimited Data plan which they claim is restricted to 600Kbps is really 54Kbps or the same as the very old dial-up service. So I complained via chat. Not sure it will do any good.

  So I used my 3rd phone which has or had 2 Gig of high-speed data on it.  I get a download speed of 7.92 Mbps or what you would expect from an internet provider in this age. 

  Been a windy night and morning here. Got the trash out and emptied many plant baskets that had froze and stored them in the shed. Glad I did not waste time raking the yard again as we have many more leaves now.


  1. Verizon has done a good job with their cell phone service and coverage, but this latest round of limiting and throttling the so-called "unlimited data" has turned into a scam.

  2. I am disappointed myself. Hard to enjoy Unlimited Streaming at 54Kbps. I am getting dizzy from the spinning buffering thingie.