Sunday, November 19, 2017

18 Hours Left In The Land Of Squeaky Snow

  We have everything agreed on with the cat sitter who will be living in our home this Winter. I have enough food, meds, and litter for the duration on hand.

  Today is last minute packing and return library books. Our mail is forwarded, Giant trash cans being swapped for one very small can. All I know I have left to do is replace the batteries in all the smoke detectors and thermostat. This is the first year we have encountered anxiety leaving home. We have had that issue leaving the Cabana for years now. Is everything packed, did we forget something etc?

  My camera bag is packed as is my backpack. The backpack being the most important as it has the keys for the Cabana and car in it and our passports and visas. I have emptied and packed it twice since it has caused me problems in the past. All music players and Kindle Paper Whites are downloaded with books and charged. My chargers and cables live in there also.

  The two-degree weather is due to change as a front with warm air and snow arrives today.

  Kitty knows something is up and he hopefully will be happy to stay in his home with a girl he likes. We are going to be away from the Cabana so much this Winter we would have not seen him much at all. This was decided to be the best choice to cause him the least stress.

  Our neighbors had us over for a very nice dinner and last goodbyes. They leave for short trips in the Winter also as they are starting to prefer warm weather. Most of their trips are family visits.

 It is warmer up here than it was in the 1990's as I flew a lot then and today was always 10 to 20 below zero and a lot of work to fly. It is currently 9 degrees outside.

Update: 4 hours until our neighbor drives us to the airport. We got another three inches of snow and the squeak is gone as the temp rose to 16 degrees. I have all cars on a trickle charge now and garage door opener unplugged for the Winter. All smoke alarms have new batteries as well as the programmable thermostat. Our bags are packed and we had pizza for dinner. Just going through lists again and hope we are set to leave. My 15 Gig of high-speed data is now gone and that means no more posts unless I am in a hotel or Mc D. It still lets me add updates to this post, so that is what I will do.


  1. Well 10 to 20 below sounds absolutely awful and 9 doesn't sound much better but it is disconcerting that the temps have changed so much in less than 20 years. I hope kitty realizes how lucky he is to have owners get him a pet sitter for the entire winter. I can't even imagine the cost. Sounds like you have an exciting winter planned. Good for you!

  2. If the weather keeps changing like it is, we may have a home in the tropics without having to move. I do not like to think about what keeping a kitty in retirement is costing us. As a kid raised on a farm, a sick cat was put down with a 22 in the ear. Now wifey has me agreeing to lab test, cat scans etc and insulin that costs $ 900 a year. My advice to someone getting ready for a vacation style retirement is to give you pet to a good home and do not get another until you settle down to live your life out in a home. IMO.

  3. I wonder if that anxiety comes as we get older. The few trips I have taken, I feel the same before I leave. I started feeling it toward the end of my business travel before retiring. Have a good trip ... warmer weather is waiting.

    1. We are here now, temps in the 70's. Cabana OK inside. That trip wipes us out, bed allowed good rest. Seems odd without Kitty. A/C on and it is auto run in the early AM. We slept with the windows open and a nice dry breeze blowing through the cabana.

  4. We are in the cabana. It is raining hard outside and yes we lost quite a bit of vinyl siding this storm season. All appears OK inside. The car is another story, battery completely dead and one new tire totally flat on jack stands. I have tire inflated after a lot of bs. I have a new $120 battery and have the old one half way out. It is theft proof for sure. Our Cabana a/c failed today also. I have taken a break to drink beer and ponder this day.