Tuesday, November 28, 2017

8 Hours In A Boeing 777

 We had a good flight and no problems with customs. By 11AM we were checked into our hotel on the beach. Low overcast day kinda chilly.

 We met the tour group of 42 people and then went to a fantastic steak house. The food was amazing.

 Wake up call at 6AM and breakfast then ride the cog train to see Jesus. The weather should be better also.

 I had never seen a first class section like on that AA 777. Look it up.


  1. I must have missed your next trip somewhere in the past posts. Where did you land and what beach are you near? White font ... much better.

    1. We are in Rio Brazil. On ocean just down beach from Cocoa Cabana.

    2. I was there for 4 days many many years ago and all 3 or 4 public beaches were closed due to sewage problems. So we sat at the outdoor patios of the bars and drank. LOL

    3. Beech been fine. Since they moved Capital from here in 1960, things have fallen into did repair. This beach and hotels are still nice and safe.