Friday, December 29, 2017

Easter Island Pics2

  This is perhaps the best known pic and it is at the quarry along with a few other famous ones. 

  Most all standing Moi are recent work done to restore them. When the five religious groups went to war, they destroyed all the Moi of the other sect.  Many unknowns, although a food shortage and over population were the main reasons for their wars.

  The weather has cooled a bit here and shorts are not quite enough now. It does feel good though and is good for having the windows open. With the New Year approaching, the news tonight reminded everyone that firing guns into the air is dangerous as gravity pulls the bullets back to Earth and could harm or kill someone. It is also against the law. I might would try into the ground, but do not know the location of power, water, sewer, and cable lines in my yard. It would be hard to explain the hole in my water line.

  Enjoying a few days at the Cabana. This year started out zoom zoom zoom. Both of my friends who had planned to visit this Winter have cancelled their plans this year. So this may be our first Winter without house guests. 

A recreation of one of the homes. The stone wall keeps people away from the house. It is built using a foundation of blocks with holes like I had a pic of in the last post.

Update: The bills are all in and the 21 night trip including airfare, tips, dirt bike rental and food cost us $15K. Gate 1 is fantastic to travel with.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Easter Island Pics 1

  The Moi statues are what most people think of when they hear Easter Island.

  Nearly 500 forty foot tall sandstone statues were carved from one quarry.

  They encircle the 22Km long triangle shaped island. There is some some known history of these people but more mystery's remain.

  We have spent Christmas inside Disney World and yes Sherry, it is very crowded. It has cooled off to long pants and light jacket weather.

  Some of the hard stone work rivals Machu Pichu Peru.

  The Island was left without people for a long time after wars over religion and then disease killed almost everyone. The few ( less than 100 ) remaining were taken as slaves to work in Chile.

Foundation of a house. These were TEPEE type woven homes and the holes held the poles.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Safe To Say Merry Christmas again

  Back in the USA and now on mini vacation inside Disney World. It is hot down here and I thought I was going to melt at 85 degrees in the shade today. The nights are nice though and so far not too crowded in the parks.

 I have noticed many people are saying Merry Christmas this year and I am glad to not hear the Happy Holidays yet. It was way too PC for me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Easter Island

Wood replica art.

   The trip is almost over. It has been fun here on this island. We have the best tour guide we have ever had.

A real stone Moai

  Great weather and clouds to keep the temps down has been great. This place can be smoking hot is their Summer. This is their Spring and flowers everywhere are blooming.

The horses run free here and this one walked through my Sunset pic

  Been eating well also and that is a real plus. No questionable food and neither of us us got sick.

  Kathy let me rent a Yamaha XTL 250 $ 30,000 Pesos for 24 hours. I rode my ass off on this tiny island. The longest road is 22 Km and paved. The city streets are all brick and fun to drive on. There is only one gas station and it is about a hundred yards from the scooter rental place. I had to show gas receipt when I returned the bike. $ 3500 Pesos of gas used.

Good island transportation

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Easter Island.

 Busy, hot, humid, chickens, mopeds, nice people and great food. We walked a lot today and discovered those statues are a lot bigger than I had thought.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sunset in Santiago Chile

  It was an up early day to fly from Buenos Aires to Chile.  The flight takes you over the snow covered Andre's. This is a giant city with many different downtown's and about 13 million people. It is located in a semiarid valley.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Buenos Aires Beautiful City

 After a grand time at the largest waterfall in the World, we are in a new place tonight. The money here is the risky Peso. Now at 17 for a US dollar. 80 will get you a cold beer. 1000 will get you a nice diner.

  The falls are well worth seeing in this life.

  All going well so far.
Opera House from our hotel