Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Easter Island Pics 1

  The Moi statues are what most people think of when they hear Easter Island.

  Nearly 500 forty foot tall sandstone statues were carved from one quarry.

  They encircle the 22Km long triangle shaped island. There is some some known history of these people but more mystery's remain.

  We have spent Christmas inside Disney World and yes Sherry, it is very crowded. It has cooled off to long pants and light jacket weather.

  Some of the hard stone work rivals Machu Pichu Peru.

  The Island was left without people for a long time after wars over religion and then disease killed almost everyone. The few ( less than 100 ) remaining were taken as slaves to work in Chile.

Foundation of a house. These were TEPEE type woven homes and the holes held the poles.

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