Friday, December 29, 2017

Easter Island Pics2

  This is perhaps the best known pic and it is at the quarry along with a few other famous ones. 

  Most all standing Moi are recent work done to restore them. When the five religious groups went to war, they destroyed all the Moi of the other sect.  Many unknowns, although a food shortage and over population were the main reasons for their wars.

  The weather has cooled a bit here and shorts are not quite enough now. It does feel good though and is good for having the windows open. With the New Year approaching, the news tonight reminded everyone that firing guns into the air is dangerous as gravity pulls the bullets back to Earth and could harm or kill someone. It is also against the law. I might would try into the ground, but do not know the location of power, water, sewer, and cable lines in my yard. It would be hard to explain the hole in my water line.

  Enjoying a few days at the Cabana. This year started out zoom zoom zoom. Both of my friends who had planned to visit this Winter have cancelled their plans this year. So this may be our first Winter without house guests. 

A recreation of one of the homes. The stone wall keeps people away from the house. It is built using a foundation of blocks with holes like I had a pic of in the last post.

Update: The bills are all in and the 21 night trip including airfare, tips, dirt bike rental and food cost us $15K. Gate 1 is fantastic to travel with.


  1. Awesome statues and you are fortunate to be able to see them in person.
    You still need some tan on those legs. :^)

  2. Tans are hard for me. If I get one it is gone in three weeks. Gate 1 travel in our Fall or their Spring. It gets hot there in the Summer.