Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Easter Island

Wood replica art.

   The trip is almost over. It has been fun here on this island. We have the best tour guide we have ever had.

A real stone Moai

  Great weather and clouds to keep the temps down has been great. This place can be smoking hot is their Summer. This is their Spring and flowers everywhere are blooming.

The horses run free here and this one walked through my Sunset pic

  Been eating well also and that is a real plus. No questionable food and neither of us us got sick.

  Kathy let me rent a Yamaha XTL 250 $ 30,000 Pesos for 24 hours. I rode my ass off on this tiny island. The longest road is 22 Km and paved. The city streets are all brick and fun to drive on. There is only one gas station and it is about a hundred yards from the scooter rental place. I had to show gas receipt when I returned the bike. $ 3500 Pesos of gas used.

Good island transportation


  1. Interesting they use pesos. What's the equivalent in dollars for your fun ride and gas? Is it an independent country? A protectorate? That stone statue looks like it has a wooden head. Are there any all stone ones like you always see in National Geographic? Looks like this comment is nothing but questions. Sorry. Easter Island is interesting. Strange name.

    1. Great points Sherry. $1 US = 630 Chile Pesos. Easter Island was named by European explorer who found it on Easter Day. It is a part of Chile. The statues that look like what we have seen in pics are at the quarry where they were all carved from. I will do a good post on the Island when I have good internet and a few good pics selected. Thank you.