Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Enjoyed 4 Days in Disney World

  This has been a most relaxing mini vacation for us. Kathy had fast pass+ for all the rides and we kept the days to six hours in the park each day. This was a much better schedule for us and we enjoyed it more. I walked about four miles each day and Kathy did more.

  I did notice one fascinating thing as we waited in a line. A man a few years older than me was speaking to a young woman, everything looked normal. I had no idea what was being said as I only know English. A man and woman came up to them and apologized for the mans conversation. " He had a stroke six months ago and has not learned to speak yet, he talks gibberish, but the Doc thinks he will get his voice back someday." The parents of the young woman asked what relation were they and found out they were family. The young woman's mother asked if he had ever spoken Portuguese, because that is what her daughter and the man were conversing in and he speaks it very well as we do. The man and woman were stunned. We thought it was just noise due to his stroke. This was passed on to the man by the woman in Portuguese and he looked at his family and laughed. The family only speaks English. They passed on more info and got answers to some questions, while they had use of a translator. The mind is a strange thing. The man had grown up in Brazil and Portuguese was his first language. 
Kinda fascinating to me. 

  The weather has been clear skies and cool. Low 40's in the morning and mid 60's in the afternoon. 


  1. Interesting story. Makes standing in line more fun. Do you stay in a hotel at Disney?

  2. Yes we stay in the military resort behind the Polynesian Resort on the lake. Kathy checks for deals when they have empty rooms to fill. The normal price is adjusted by rank held in military and I retired at a very low rank with a lot of skill and training. So we get the lowest rate. There is also no tax and they have all the things any resort has and 3 pools. It is a lot larger than the Polynesian.