Friday, January 26, 2018

Merritt Island Birding Festival

Laughing Gull

  It is that time of year again. People from everywhere descend on Titusville to count how many birds they get to see and identify. We attend to learn new places to visit and see birds. 

Brown Pelicans, the immature one is on top 

  The boat ride through the locks was the best bird viewing and also education and fun for us.

Snowy Egret

  Our last day in St Augustine was very fun. We slept in and then went to climb the 209 light house stairs. They have a very good light house museum and the only one in the country that owns the lens inside that is in private hands. It is a 1st order lens and stands about ten feet tall, that is a lot of glass prisms. It is still used as a navigation station and still uses the old 1000 watt incandescent light bulb. It has a tiny Halogen backup if the main bulb burns out.

Osprey has a fish under his left talon 

 They have to clean the lens each week now, much better than every two hours back in the pig lard lamp days. Then it was Wahoo steaks and a walk on the beach and a safe drive back to the Cabana for us.

The middle band with the circle is what rotates to make a flash every 30 seconds

  Today was a trip out to see the Scrub Jays on NASA property. It was good weather and many Jays were watching us.

  We have two days to regroup and then back to Disney again. Gotta get back into my long walks. Should be cool weather by then.


  1. Really love the St. Augustine lighthouse. Glad to see there are so many places in Florida trying to provide habitat for the Jays. We're seeing them here in Oscar Scherer where the park is maintained with burns just to keep habitat for them. Really nice bird pictures. Does the birding festival have workshops? I assume they have guided hikes. Did you see anything other than shore birds?

    1. Many classes on photo technique, spotting, etc. Many hikes and boat rides. Prices have gone up a lot though. Heard a few complaints about that. Vultures, hawks, owls, painted buntings, red wing black birds, alligator, and loggerhead shrike. Warm enough for shorts and sandals today.