Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Toured Fort in St Augustine After NPS Came Back to Work

  Thanks for the Government shutdown ending and the National Park Service coming back to work. I really wanted to tour the big Spanish Fort on the water front in St Augustine and now I have. The weather was fantastic also. 

Good view of the cross from top of fort

  Getting the two day trolley pass worked out great for learning and getting around down town. It will take you to the light house shuttle also but we were advised to just drive there, so that will be done today before we drive back to the Cabana. I sure have grown to like this city, just something about all the history and how nice everyone has been. It is a great place to visit for four or five days.

Kathy in North East look out tower

  It was quite a lot things we did yesterday and I was asleep by nine PM.

Amazing all the fine art cast into a killing machine dated 1727

 I would have to do a lot of study to get all the history correct, for now I know it was Columbus in 1492 who discovered the ocean currents that landed him on some Caribbean island. After returning he told the Spanish about these super highways and the race was on to spread religion and owner ship of all new lands. Cuba and Florida belonged to Spain along with most of central America. The French did not like this and hired mercenaries and equipped them with the finest fighting ships. We know them as Pirates and they operated in the Caribbean and their mission was to cause all the chaos and damage they could on Spanish lands. I always wondered how those guys got their powerful ships and cannon with supplies. Sorta like CIA now. Hum.... 

Cattle grazed in the area below around the fort back in the day

  The fort served as a defense, storehouse for food, and as a prison for Indians. Now it is a view back into history. There are many story boards in each room and free tours are given by Park workers who know history of the fort and area. It was never taken by force, although it was taken twice.   Once when everyone left to go fight somewhere else and then again when someone threatened to burn the city down if they did not give up the fort. It was attacked several times by pirates but they were driven away.


  1. Amazing that fort is still standing.

  2. We always spend some time in Anastasia State Park because of St. Augustine. It's a very neat little city. So true that we haven't changed our ways in over 200 years ie CIA. Nice pictures of you guys. I'm always in bed by 9:00. I must be lots older than you. :-)