Thursday, January 11, 2018

Twas A Good Season

  Disney is taking down their Christmas decorations now so the season must be over. It was a good one for us. 

  I spent the day ( one hour ) installing the parts that came in our Roomba 650 overhaul kit. Amazon came through for me again and had all the things needed to keep your vacuum like new. It was charged in a few hours and cleaned our bedroom and went back to it's charging station and parked. It is a great floor sweeper and I am glad $ 42 is all they charge for the kit.

  Yesterday was spent inside Disney and the weather was fantastic. Fast Pass for Soarin, twice, and the Toy Story, Star Tours and Tower of Terror. Add the boat rides and it was a enjoyable six hours of entertainment.  

15 minute was really just walk on, no line

  I was once again listening to others conversations on the parking lot to park shuttle. Three young men were discussing their different 401K / pension / IRA options at their jobs. One guy said he was getting the company match on a 401K, but he had an IRA his mom helped him set up and it invested in Bit Coin and was doing fantastic! " Guys, you have to do this and my Mom can help." The tram ride ended and I never heard the rest of the story. So after getting back to the Cabana I went online and discovered there really is such a thing as an IRA that invests and holds Bit Coins. Has the world gone insane!!!

  The rocket above is the most powerful since the Saturn V Apollo rocket. It is the Space X Heavy Lift with 27 liquid fueled engines. It can put 140,000 pounds into orbit. They will do another engine run tonight at 5 pm and plan to launch before the end of the month. It is made of 3 Falcon-9 rockets bolted together and they will return and land like the one did this week. I do not know if they will land as one or break apart and land as three Falcon-9 s. 
UPDATE: the two rockets on the side shut down and return to land at the cape. The center rocket burns a little longer and crashed into the barge floating 300 miles offshore. There is a short video of the impact at over 300 MPH. The Tesla Roadster and test dummy Starman are on their way to Mars now.
  I am up at 5 am and considering paying the neighbor kid to replace the muffler on his truck. His new job requires he leave at 3:30 am and it has awoken me every day. Perhaps I can talk him into parking by the swimming pool.... 


  1. Nice job on the Roomba. Good luck with your early morning neighbors muffler... Would a noise machine/fan help block the noise?

    1. 'Tis the problem with a sticks and bricks. It would be nice to unhook power and water, store a few things and drive to a new location. That is one great thing about being mobile.
      I have not seen the kid today, perhaps he has tomorrow off also. The Cabana is dead quiet 99% of the time and all I can hear is clock ticking and fridge turn on/off. Very nice to not be in a noisy place, yet a kid removes or lost his muffler and gets put on a night shift and it throws my sleep all off. Kathy is happy about Roomba also.