Sunday, January 21, 2018

Went for a Night Boat Ride

St Augustine 
  We had great weather on our back roads drive from Gainsville to St Augustine. It was so nice to see farm fields and cows and tractors being used. We spend most of our time on toll roads or interstates and this was a welcome change.

The Moon

  We got here too early to check into our motel, so we found a yummy Mexican place and had lunch. Then we drove to find the boat place and figure out the parking. We explored the island a bit also, too rich for us I know but still fun to see. 

The weather stayed nice for our boat ride 

  We are sad the Spanish Fort is closed for tourists until those politicians quit playing games. We should take their pay and see if they can come to a decision. That fort and the light house were our plans for tomorrow. Fortunately there are a lot of historical places to see.  

A Cross to celebrate the founding of St Augustine 400 years ago in 1565

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