Sunday, February 18, 2018

Saw Disenchanted the Musical

  Today was the local Chinese New Year celebration. Afterwards, we went to see a play. It is an extremely funny play about all the Disney Princess's real thoughts. For adults only for sure. The girls were not happy with what the "Bad Rat of Anaheim" had done with their life stories. These women had a lot of complaints about living with a handsome Prince. If it plays near you, go see it.

  Otherwise, it has been just chilling inside where it is warm. Reading books, watching movies on Amazon and surfing net. I have spoken with three friends up here and they are up to the same thing, not a lot to do when it is 4 degrees outside. I heard another of my old co-workers got fired, that makes about seven since I retired. It makes no sense to me, as they fire the smart productive workers and keep the never bother to learn slackers. Glad I was able to retire and leave that nonsense.

  This week is doc appointments and another play. I have the trash can out and Kitty has got used to us being here now.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Northern Winters Are Not For Me

  My only venture outside.

  The streets are very slick and driving is a bit dangerous. I have many years of driving in Winter and times like this are rare. The temps have been staying around 24 and it is overcast. We had an inch of snow yesterday and that makes everything look clean again.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Flying Home Tomorrow

  Using some more Boc Tower pics tonight. We have enjoyed several afternoons in Disney World and it has made the last few days stress free as we fly back to Alaska tomorrow. We are packing light as we have everything we need in both places.

Sundial works

  Well I guess my suitcase will not be light, Alaska Airlines allows 50 pounds of factory ammunition to be carried and I have a 35 pound ammo can that is going with me. Ammo is so expensive in Alaska and my main hobby in the Summer is target shooting. It makes sense to buy it for half price and take it home. Kathy's snow boots will be in there also.

     This keyboard pulls the clappers that rings the bells in the top of the tower. It is played with the fist as it takes a lot of strength. All the keys are in the down position except 'F' which is connected to a display bell over the keyboard.

   The parks have been on the crowded side with foreign cheerleaders etc. Many happy girls in skimpy outfits, oh my.  The temps have been low 80's high humidity and light breeze. So I have been happy in sandals, shorts and thin light T shirt.

The sound comes out these ornate cutout tiles

  School was closed today in Anchorage due to slick ice covered streets and parking lots. It is 35 degrees and raining right now and should refreeze tonight, yea I am thrilled. I suspect I will not leave the house if I can get into it without falling down.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Bok Tower Garden

  Thursday was spent driving 96 miles South West to meet with Kathy's friend at Bok Tower Garden. It was a nice day weather wise and we enjoyed the visit with them. The tower is a National Landmark and it costs $14 to enter and another $6 if you want to tour the mansion ( Totally worth it.)

  The gardens are beautiful to walk through and most plants are in bloom. The tower is a musical device and two men play a Carillon (an oversize piano) with their fists. The levers pull a clacker inside a tuned bell a floor above them. 

  The performers played at 1 pm and 2 pm yesterday and I guess the schedule could change. 

  I was fascinated by the Pleated Wood Peckers there. As big as a cattle egret they were. This one was even willing to take on granite. 

  It was great place to meet up with old friends. They have a good sandwich shop and a nice museum also. Just another great day in Florida.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Space X Provided a Good Show

  Today was a chill out day after our time in the Everglades visiting with Kathy's cousin from Naples. We knew a launch of the largest rocket since the Saturn V Apollo would or would not happen and wanted to see it and feel it from the Cabana. We were happy we had not gone to the beach to watch it when weather holds kept pushing the time back. Then with 14 minutes to spare, it launched perfect. The ground did not do it's normal shake like it does with a Delta Heavy. The rocket traveled upward at a nice to watch pace, not bottle rocket fast like an Atlas. The roar was much more intense than normal. The sonic booms were awesome and we both watched the outer rockets return to the island. The middle rocket ran into problems on it's way down and hit the remote barge at over 300 mph. Hopefully they have some video of that to release someday.

  It was worth staying home for. Pics taken with 300 mm lens, need more zoom.

  Kathy the trip planner was busy again today. A 29 night road trip is being put together to visit family and sight see.  That will happen after we return from 12 nights in California which happens after 10 nights at home in Alaska. 

Wow this do nothing retired life is busy. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mount Dora Art Fest 2018

  This was the largest event of this type I had ever been to.  It was about six city blocks of tents with vendors showing and trying to sell their art. The first pic has the most free space and a booth I liked on the right. The photographer Kyle Wilson goes to exotic places ( abandoned power plants, boat harbors and farms ) and takes amazing pictures. He uses HDR photography and then has it printed on metal ( which adds even more dynamic range.) It is not a bunch of photo shop crap. Each pic is taken without artificial light remotely from a tripod 4 to 10 times at different focus, ISO and shutter speed, then a program adds the best of each pic to make a final product. He uses a Cannon camera and suggested I learn how to do it and said he had a Cannon version of my Lumix I had on me that would do it inside the camera. He suggested I read the manual and see if I had that option. He was a very nice man and helpful. I suggest you go to his blog and see some of his pics.

Art that moves by bearings, gears and clockworks, very neat to watch

  This was a day trip for Kathy to spend time with her old friend. They had house sat our Cabana / kitty and decided they liked Florida Winter better than upstate New York Winter. So the year after they rented a place North of Orlando and found a fantastic home they could afford in a hood they liked in Mt Dora. We went to their home and I was blown away, it is not a crash pad like we have. They have more taste / home maker ability / skill or whatever. Their place is an executive home, tasteful art everywhere, great furniture, brand new built, ranch with three car wide and very deep concrete carport built into the house. The living area is a giant U shape around the carport and the Lexus car and new golf cart fit inside. I fell in love with it right away. There is about 40 feet between homes and all are one story ranch style. All yard work is covered by HOA dues. They can walk or bike or take the golf cart to two major grocery stores, CVS, bank and restaurants. After staying at our place, they wanted that ability also. So they are snow birds and drive back and forth now.

A passenger train rolled slowly by

  Other than thousands of people being there it was a fantastic day to be outside. Mid 60's and no rain, just overcast clouds. 

  It is an artsy town on a normal day it appears.

  I just can't stay out of trouble. I was going to title this post ' How to Piss Off People at a Art Fest.' I had Kathy's FZ-80 camera around my neck and was just taking snap shots of the atmosphere of the festival. Then I was confronted by an artist who got in my face to let me know what an ass I was to bring a camera to an Art Fest. She was ranting when I lifted the camera and snapped her pic. Why did you do that?  " Well I get really turned on by angry women and I wanted a memory of this." Wow! She really got riled up and demanded I delete her pic. I told her the constitution of the great USA protects my right to take and keep that picture, but in keeping peace between us I will delete it now and you can watch. After confirming it was gone, she said I could have her business card and I said No Thank You. 

School provided $5 parking and bus shuttle

  A gee wiz. I noticed my post views dropped from 64 in 24 hours after a post to 22 views now. This occurred just after my post about the Woman in a Disney line giving full time RV life advice. Perhaps I burned some bridges there. This silly blog will go on even if it drops to one view in 24 hours.