Monday, February 12, 2018

Flying Home Tomorrow

  Using some more Boc Tower pics tonight. We have enjoyed several afternoons in Disney World and it has made the last few days stress free as we fly back to Alaska tomorrow. We are packing light as we have everything we need in both places.

Sundial works

  Well I guess my suitcase will not be light, Alaska Airlines allows 50 pounds of factory ammunition to be carried and I have a 35 pound ammo can that is going with me. Ammo is so expensive in Alaska and my main hobby in the Summer is target shooting. It makes sense to buy it for half price and take it home. Kathy's snow boots will be in there also.

     This keyboard pulls the clappers that rings the bells in the top of the tower. It is played with the fist as it takes a lot of strength. All the keys are in the down position except 'F' which is connected to a display bell over the keyboard.

   The parks have been on the crowded side with foreign cheerleaders etc. Many happy girls in skimpy outfits, oh my.  The temps have been low 80's high humidity and light breeze. So I have been happy in sandals, shorts and thin light T shirt.

The sound comes out these ornate cutout tiles

  School was closed today in Anchorage due to slick ice covered streets and parking lots. It is 35 degrees and raining right now and should refreeze tonight, yea I am thrilled. I suspect I will not leave the house if I can get into it without falling down.


  1. I can't imagine going from the 80's to the 30's in one day. Have a safe trip.

  2. Why in the world are you going home so early? Although I must admit 35 degrees doesn't sound so bad after the 85s and 87s in the Tampa area this February. Way tooo hot!

  3. Replies
    1. We may be getting old, but we are not dead yet. Stay cool in Florida.