Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mount Dora Art Fest 2018

  This was the largest event of this type I had ever been to.  It was about six city blocks of tents with vendors showing and trying to sell their art. The first pic has the most free space and a booth I liked on the right. The photographer Kyle Wilson goes to exotic places ( abandoned power plants, boat harbors and farms ) and takes amazing pictures. He uses HDR photography and then has it printed on metal ( which adds even more dynamic range.) It is not a bunch of photo shop crap. Each pic is taken without artificial light remotely from a tripod 4 to 10 times at different focus, ISO and shutter speed, then a program adds the best of each pic to make a final product. He uses a Cannon camera and suggested I learn how to do it and said he had a Cannon version of my Lumix I had on me that would do it inside the camera. He suggested I read the manual and see if I had that option. He was a very nice man and helpful. I suggest you go to his blog and see some of his pics.

Art that moves by bearings, gears and clockworks, very neat to watch

  This was a day trip for Kathy to spend time with her old friend. They had house sat our Cabana / kitty and decided they liked Florida Winter better than upstate New York Winter. So the year after they rented a place North of Orlando and found a fantastic home they could afford in a hood they liked in Mt Dora. We went to their home and I was blown away, it is not a crash pad like we have. They have more taste / home maker ability / skill or whatever. Their place is an executive home, tasteful art everywhere, great furniture, brand new built, ranch with three car wide and very deep concrete carport built into the house. The living area is a giant U shape around the carport and the Lexus car and new golf cart fit inside. I fell in love with it right away. There is about 40 feet between homes and all are one story ranch style. All yard work is covered by HOA dues. They can walk or bike or take the golf cart to two major grocery stores, CVS, bank and restaurants. After staying at our place, they wanted that ability also. So they are snow birds and drive back and forth now.

A passenger train rolled slowly by

  Other than thousands of people being there it was a fantastic day to be outside. Mid 60's and no rain, just overcast clouds. 

  It is an artsy town on a normal day it appears.

  I just can't stay out of trouble. I was going to title this post ' How to Piss Off People at a Art Fest.' I had Kathy's FZ-80 camera around my neck and was just taking snap shots of the atmosphere of the festival. Then I was confronted by an artist who got in my face to let me know what an ass I was to bring a camera to an Art Fest. She was ranting when I lifted the camera and snapped her pic. Why did you do that?  " Well I get really turned on by angry women and I wanted a memory of this." Wow! She really got riled up and demanded I delete her pic. I told her the constitution of the great USA protects my right to take and keep that picture, but in keeping peace between us I will delete it now and you can watch. After confirming it was gone, she said I could have her business card and I said No Thank You. 

School provided $5 parking and bus shuttle