Sunday, February 18, 2018

Saw Disenchanted the Musical

  Today was the local Chinese New Year celebration. Afterwards, we went to see a play. It is an extremely funny play about all the Disney Princess's real thoughts. For adults only for sure. The girls were not happy with what the "Bad Rat of Anaheim" had done with their life stories. These women had a lot of complaints about living with a handsome Prince. If it plays near you, go see it.

  Otherwise, it has been just chilling inside where it is warm. Reading books, watching movies on Amazon and surfing net. I have spoken with three friends up here and they are up to the same thing, not a lot to do when it is 4 degrees outside. I heard another of my old co-workers got fired, that makes about seven since I retired. It makes no sense to me, as they fire the smart productive workers and keep the never bother to learn slackers. Glad I was able to retire and leave that nonsense.

  This week is doc appointments and another play. I have the trash can out and Kitty has got used to us being here now.


  1. Best musical we saw a couple of years back was Les Miserables. Would love to see it again.
    Kitty must adapt easily.

    1. I loved Les Miserables. Such a sad story though. The Kat seems to like his home more so than which humans are around. He has gone back to his old habits of watching me eat(kinda bothers me.) He also lays on my chest with his paws over my shoulders like he used to.