Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Space X Provided a Good Show

  Today was a chill out day after our time in the Everglades visiting with Kathy's cousin from Naples. We knew a launch of the largest rocket since the Saturn V Apollo would or would not happen and wanted to see it and feel it from the Cabana. We were happy we had not gone to the beach to watch it when weather holds kept pushing the time back. Then with 14 minutes to spare, it launched perfect. The ground did not do it's normal shake like it does with a Delta Heavy. The rocket traveled upward at a nice to watch pace, not bottle rocket fast like an Atlas. The roar was much more intense than normal. The sonic booms were awesome and we both watched the outer rockets return to the island. The middle rocket ran into problems on it's way down and hit the remote barge at over 300 mph. Hopefully they have some video of that to release someday.

  It was worth staying home for. Pics taken with 300 mm lens, need more zoom.

  Kathy the trip planner was busy again today. A 29 night road trip is being put together to visit family and sight see.  That will happen after we return from 12 nights in California which happens after 10 nights at home in Alaska. 

Wow this do nothing retired life is busy. 

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  1. 2 out of 3 rockets returning isn't too bad considering.