Monday, March 12, 2018

Back at Cabana, 62 Degrees and Dry Air

15 days ago at home in Alaska

  I left the camp ground and Kathy did laundry as I tried to get as much sand as I could out of the 'Mouse House.' It provided us with 11 nights of warm dry sleep with bathroom, shower, hot water, fridge and comfy bed. 

  Then she followed me to gas station where I added 15 gallons of gas to the near empty tank. We then parked it in our storage spot and put tire covers on and unhooked batteries. Vents, windows and doors closed / locked and we said good bye.

The 2018 Dodge Charger RT that lasted 76 miles before having to be towed to shop. 12 days ago.
  The cost of keeping a camper to use like this is high. The less we use it the more each night costs. For this year 2018 we have used it once ( 11 Nights )and that makes each night cost $ 147(includes $ 35 night site cost.) That is reasonable for such a prime location on the beach. With our Fall trip ( ten Nights ) included the price per night drops to $ 92 a night.

 The year 2017 costs us $ 87 a night on the beach. The big question is how much longer will the camper function or become not worth the cost. Time will tell, but for now it allows us to have a California beach fix and a home base for day trips.
  We checked into Base Lodging and took hot showers and put on clean clothes after the Camper storing event. Then one last trip to Bagby Beer Company for a great diner and tasty micro brew. Afterwards a nice drive thru Oceanside before returning to Base to get a good night sleep before leaving at 7 AM to get to the airport to return the high mileage yet dependable Toyota Camry. Total car cost $ 330.  

  The flight was uneventful and our car appears to OK. We had a light diner at Chick-Fil-A and then drove back to the Cabana.

  Tomorrow will be checking into the Disney resort and spending a few days with Kathy's nephew and brother in law who are spending a week there. After that we have tickets to another Pink Martini concert with a different singer China Forbes.

  This not working for a living is busy.

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