Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter in Cleveland Ohio

  Today I spent the day inside the Great Lakes Science Center and it is a fantastic place. I had a great time with all the physics demonstration they have set up. They have a floor dedicated to the less than 8 year old crowd. 

  The ship and submarine are not open for the season yet, but my cousin and I walked around them anyway and I was able to explain a bow thruster to him. Then we went back into the Science Center. A simple yet interesting display was done by replacing the wall of an escalator with Plexiglas, I had always wondered how those steps work. It is amazing how simple yet ingenuous the system is.

  We had spent a day in the Dayton National USAF aircraft museum and a day is not enough. I had been there twice before and I just wanted Kathy to see how giant it was. It is free to all and has fine examples of every aircraft the USAF has flown. Plan to spend at least three days there if you want  to see everything.   

  The weather has been a bit windy and chilly here, guess I was too optimistic when I packed a pair of shorts to wear.

  Happy Easter!


  1. I'd love to be at the Dayton museum on May 17th. They are bringing out the freshly restored Memphis Belle. Wish I lived closer.

  2. Lived in Dayton/Kettering my first 18 years and have never regretted moving. Glad you enjoyed the museum.