Monday, March 5, 2018

Fun Day trip to borrego springs

  I have not figured out how to get a pic from this IPad onto this post. So just imagine how a new style USMC armored floating tank looks. Today was a evaluation test of new against old. I took pics and spoke with gov inspectors and company reps as to specs etc. I had camera around my neck and snapped a few as we spoke. No problem and people were standing on our picnik table with IPhones taking pics.

  After all had left, Mr Ass who is now parked behind us, came over to loudly inform me that if he were still active duty, he would take my camera away for taking those pics. He informed me he was Retired Navy and what branch was I associated with....  Hopefully I will not run into him again. I dumped the black and grey tanks and filled the car with gas.

  Then it was a nice 91 mile drive to see the giant art in Borrego Springs. It was a clear sky and 72 degrees, just wonderful for seeing art. If you are close it is a must see.

  I got to the circle park which has good bathrooms and free WiFi and wondered where the art was. So I asked a nice looking lady and she had a book with pics of all the sculptures and was with a man who gave great directions. It is located about four miles out from the circle in two directions on Borrego road. A lot of people visit this and now I know why.

  If you know IPad and Blogger, can you tell me how to add pics?

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