Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Worry Lifted Today

  I had not written about an event that had caused me quite a bit of worry over the last month. 

  While enjoying an adventure with my brother, my phone rang and I answered it. ( key in dreadful music ) A woman asked if I was Tom and had I rented a 2018 Dodge Charger in California. Yes I was that guy and why are you calling? Well you have not responded to mail from the collection agency for the damage and loss of use you caused on the Dodge Charger.

 She explained that since I crashed the car, I was responsible. "What crash? The car drove fine for 76 miles and quit. Your people took my car to a shop and after wasting a lot of my time, gave me a Toyota Camry and then I had to drive to the shop and the mechanics who lowered it from the lift said nothing about a crash or any damage for that matter. We got our things from the car and never saw it again." Well Sir, we will have to investigate your claims. Give us two weeks. 

  At two weeks I called back and they had no update. I called my insurance agent and they were willing to take over this issue for me. I asked to give them more time and they were OK with that.

 At three weeks I called and spoke with the lady again and she said she was still waiting on a judgement for the $ 2600 claim.

 Today I got an email and it says I have been found innocent of the charges and owe them nothing. There was an apology for my concerns over the matter in there also.

 I already have another rental scheduled with them for when we leave here. So I still like the company.

  There are mines in these waters of life. I am sure glad this got solved correctly.   


  1. You dodged what could have been a nasty bullet there for sure.

    1. Sure glad truth prevailed. I did not much hope of winning against a giant corporation, even if it was their fault.