Thursday, April 26, 2018

Enjoyed A Parade In Key West

Might Be Global Warming

  I have been inside that building many times. Sure happy it will not be me this time.  I am in Key West and the weather was wonderful today. I watched a fun parade celebrating the succession of the Conch Republic from the USA. I enjoyed the shows at Mallory Square and the cat man and tight rope guys are still performing their acts. Then I took the Ghost tour and it was corny, yet fun and educational. Going inside the Fort at night was worth it.

  It has been a long day as I drove Kathy and her friend to the Miami Airport so they could start their Africa trip and then drove to Key West. 

  Duval Street was typical bands playing in bars and too much booze being drank. It felt kinda odd to be there by myself.  I stayed sober and out of trouble until I tried to walk back onto base and the NAVY guard had a real attitude with me. I have not been yelled at in a long time and was lucky to get my ID back. A few people were following me and then held back as my ordeal unfolded. Then they walked up and went through with ease. They caught up with me and asked which branch of service I was in and we all were retired USAF.  It was odd indeed.

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