Saturday, April 28, 2018

Key West Battle Display Fun To See

  I do not have any pics to show. The battle was well attended and it had a USCG ship being attacked by a pirate ship. They used fire hoses instead of canon and sailors all appeared to be wearing bikinis, yes a fine display. A real canon and crew were on the dock and would fire a round with a giant BOOM every so often. I did not understand why biplanes were attacking, but they were fun to watch. I would guess the event lasted an hour.

 It had been a rainy day and the sky cleared about 6 pm just in time for the show. Since it was raining, I had lunch at the Mexican place and then took a two mile walk along the south shore and enjoyed getting wet. It is hot enough to feel good. After that I drove over to the ship and paid ten bucks to take a tour.



   I had planned to take the city bus over to the square. As I waited a rather fit older man came quickly walking by. He asked were I was going and after I answered he said he could walk slower and I could walk with him. He showed me a fool proof way to walk from the base to Mallory Square and I was able to walk it back at 10 pm at night. He was nice and spoke highly of the need to walk as we get older. A very nice guy indeed. I had over 19K steps on my fit bit when I got back to lodging.

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