Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kitty Doing Better

  The leaves are still filling out and have not turned lush green yet. There is still snow on the 3000 foot high hills behind our house. The Sun is now rising in the North East as a reminder that we are approaching the Solstice in a few weeks. 

  Mr Kitty is eating again and had his first, not diarrhea poo today. He is not completely well yet though.

 I am somewhat better today and now it feels like a normal cold. The first three days were painful.

 My pastime has been watching all five seasons of the SciFy show 'Eureka.' I found it very funny and thoughtful. Kathy kinda tried to watch a little and said it reminded her of ' Green Acres Show.' So I watched it by myself which was best with me being so sick.

 The temps are mid 40's in the morning and low 50's in the afternoons.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

  Mr. Kitty was taken to the vet today. He was fine and normal for two days after we got home and then developed diarrhea and had quit eating. It continued to get worse and he got weaker. After tests, we were told it was 50 / 50 as to put him down or try to get him back to health. The outlook is not good. That has been the big thing on our minds over the last week.

  These falls are a world wonder and many people travel there to see them. Kathy and her friend took the helicopter tour, these pics were taken through the window of a Bell 206 helicopter. So there is some haze and reflections.

  I got quite a few limbs and leaves removed from the front yard. That was about all that was done today and it seemed like enough. No skeeters yet. I am coming down with an ass-kicker cold and that is why I am up at 2 am in the morning. I had a guy sneeze on me Thursday and I thought I might be screwed.

  They were staying in a very nice hotel near there. 

Kathy the  tourist

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Few Animal Pics from Wifeys Africa Trip

  Today I got scolded for watching too much TV on these chilly drizzly days. I do need to test the new TV and was hard at it.

  I am not sure these are the best pics, I was just trying to get each type of animal in Chobe National Park.

  This Crock sure has a lot of big teeth.

  They were riding around in an open land rover as they viewed these animals.

 I spoke with my older brother today and he is recovering from getting a new lens put in his eye. He will then have the other eye done, He started having problems driving at night as headlights would flare. Instead of removing cataracts like the old days, now you get a new lens which also brings your vision back to 20/20. He said they put him asleep and there was no pain at all. He just has to stay away from his woodworking shop until all is healed. 

  She said this is far better than Disney or  San Diego. All the animals just seem to get along. No fence between them.

  I thought this would be better than a pic of my feet in front of a TV.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Purchased 65 Inch Display Model TV At Walmart $ 224

This snow should be gone. Hill behind my house.

  I tried to get by with the postage stamp TV but broke down and went looking for a smart TV the same size as the LCD TV that failed. Due to cookies or whatever, Walmart sent us an email about a smart TV on sale. I had a Doc appointment and banking to do near there, so I went in. They do not sell the TV that was in the email, in Alaska. So after I got a manager to explain my options, he said if you are willing to take a display model with only a 90-day warranty and no box, he could give me a great deal on a Phillips 65 inch smart TV. He typed the TV info into a tablet and acted stunned to see the price $ 224. It printed out a new sale price label and he placed it on the TV.  They even carried it out and put it in my old van.

 After getting it on the TV stand at home, I realized it was a lot bigger than the one that failed. The picture is fantastic and it was easy to get connected to my router.  It would be easy to be a couch potato with this setup.

Leaves have not filled out yet and are yellow-green

  Today was paying house insurance which is now $ 1688 for a year. I was told that home building inflation was the reason for the new higher cost. Grrr. Then I had insurance swapped from the Florida car to the Alaska van like I do each year. That is just one of those snowbird things.

Update 5-30-18: Paid Ak home tax $ 3033, Fl Cabana insurance $ 1463. Paid Ak gas & elect for a year.

 It was a drizzly high 40s kind of day. I do have yard work to do but will wait for the mosquitos to hatch. That will make it even more fun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Home For The Summer

  After the long airplane ride, I used Uber for the last leg to our home.  I slept a few hours and then got mail and confirmed mail forward was indeed stopped. Then some groceries and a Mexican dinner at an old place I had not been in two years. Still yummy, but I should not eat like that. Since I was out unsupervised, I got basic internet for our house. It is $ 65 a month but should meet our needs.

 The TV died while the woman was staying with Mr Kitty, but she had her own, so it was OK. I was amazed it had lasted this long. I built it from two broken TVs back in 2008. Will I try and fix it? Will I go buy a smart TV? I still have the new mini smart TV I was given and planned to put in the camper. Perhaps I will use it and slide the couch really close.

 Well, I went ahead and opened the  Samsung 27 inch LED TV box and downloaded all the updates and will use it until I can justify a 60 inch or larger TV. It is the size of a postage stamp yet has a great display and better reception than our older LCD TV. It would have been great on our dining table in the camper. It was quick to connect to our wireless router and then did a huge update. It will be like watching Hulu or Amazon on a tablet.

  One zone valve motor ( 3rd floor ) on our furnace failed in the heat on position. For now, I just removed it and will buy a new one and replace it someday. Otherwise, things look pretty good at home. There was a very high wind storm a few weeks back and blue tarps are on roofs around the hood. We have a lot of limbs down, but no trees have been seen. I have not checked the roof yet, but our house is built to hurricane standards due to our location.

 So it will be another low budget, mucho walking, some biking, some hiking Summer for us.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

The House Of Wax

Started Standard Oil and remained silent 50% owner, started ultra fancy hotel chain, owned railroad and in his heyday richest person in the world, now immortal as most everything in Florida named after him. 

  As you may recall I went to St Augustine for two flying lessons and plenty of time for sight seeing. I rode the Old Town Trolley as I have been satisfied with their service in the past. This time I went into Potter's Wax Museum which was used to make a spooky movie back in the early 50's. Hence the title of the post. It was started in 1946 and changed hands a few times and the kids sold quite a few figures for quick cash. There is still about half of the original figures left and a lot of new ones added by the new owners who make them.  

Kramer, I am too much like him

  The weather was 72 and Sunny for my three days I enjoyed there.

  Now I am back at the Cabana trimming palms and other plants in the back yard. We were too busy in the Fall to do it. I do not have to worry about killing and plants, as down here a leaf dropped will grow into a tree. It is amazing how quickly things grow.

Princess Di

  Time is short for my departure. We board a plane at four PM on the 14th. I leave here on the 11th to pick then up in Miami on 12th and then it will be hectic getting her friend to airport on the 13th.

I will never live in a house on Elm Street

  Disney has been very hot in the afternoons. It was 92 degrees yesterday and I rode 4 rides and left. I had planned to stand in line for the concert, but decided I could not tolerate the heat.

I said "excuse me" to Mr Hemingway as he looked like another tourist

  Read Owners Manual before attempting to change air filter. I decided since I had not changed the air filter on the car in over 7 years and 112000 miles, it might need changing. I was suspicious when the kid at the parts store gave me a small round filter. The box on the car is a large rectangle. So after confirming I had the correct part, I changed it today. Pain in ass to replace, but I do not have a owners manual ( that I can find anyway.) The old filter was dirty, but could have gone another 10 years. 

WWII bad actors

  I have secured a garage for the Sebring, it will have over 204, 000 miles when stored. I have a rental van reserved for the car swap and return to airport. I have address and time to return my internet router. The only change leaving this Winter is, I will turn water off at street. This is because a two+ year old is getting good at turning faucets.
  Update: 204526 miles on Sebring, on jack stands with trickle charger installed. Tags good until Oct 2019.

WWII The Good Actors

  My nephew told me Spring arrived in Bath Canada this week and his yard is all dandelions.   Time to watch paint dry.