Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Home For The Summer

  After the long airplane ride, I used Uber for the last leg to our home.  I slept a few hours and then got mail and confirmed mail forward was indeed stopped. Then some groceries and a Mexican dinner at an old place I had not been in two years. Still yummy, but I should not eat like that. Since I was out unsupervised, I got basic internet for our house. It is $ 65 a month but should meet our needs.

 The TV died while the woman was staying with Mr Kitty, but she had her own, so it was OK. I was amazed it had lasted this long. I built it from two broken TVs back in 2008. Will I try and fix it? Will I go buy a smart TV? I still have the new mini smart TV I was given and planned to put in the camper. Perhaps I will use it and slide the couch really close.

 Well, I went ahead and opened the  Samsung 27 inch LED TV box and downloaded all the updates and will use it until I can justify a 60 inch or larger TV. It is the size of a postage stamp yet has a great display and better reception than our older LCD TV. It would have been great on our dining table in the camper. It was quick to connect to our wireless router and then did a huge update. It will be like watching Hulu or Amazon on a tablet.

  One zone valve motor ( 3rd floor ) on our furnace failed in the heat on position. For now, I just removed it and will buy a new one and replace it someday. Otherwise, things look pretty good at home. There was a very high wind storm a few weeks back and blue tarps are on roofs around the hood. We have a lot of limbs down, but no trees have been seen. I have not checked the roof yet, but our house is built to hurricane standards due to our location.

 So it will be another low budget, mucho walking, some biking, some hiking Summer for us.


  1. Being in Alaska for the summer sounds absolutely fine no matter what you do. Laughing at your TV quandary. 27"=postage stamp size really made me laugh out loud. What size was the first TV your family ever had?? 8" 10" 12"???

  2. As long as Mr Kitty is happy, all is good and it was a successful trip.

    1. Yes, he has already taken to laying on my chest. it is 46 degrees and light rain right now.