Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

  Mr. Kitty was taken to the vet today. He was fine and normal for two days after we got home and then developed diarrhea and had quit eating. It continued to get worse and he got weaker. After tests, we were told it was 50 / 50 as to put him down or try to get him back to health. The outlook is not good. That has been the big thing on our minds over the last week.

  These falls are a world wonder and many people travel there to see them. Kathy and her friend took the helicopter tour, these pics were taken through the window of a Bell 206 helicopter. So there is some haze and reflections.

  I got quite a few limbs and leaves removed from the front yard. That was about all that was done today and it seemed like enough. No skeeters yet. I am coming down with an ass-kicker cold and that is why I am up at 2 am in the morning. I had a guy sneeze on me Thursday and I thought I might be screwed.

  They were staying in a very nice hotel near there. 

Kathy the  tourist


  1. Those falls are spectacular. Lucky lucky Kathy. What would they have to do to poor Mr. Kitty to make him well again? How old is he? I can't believe someone would sneeze right on you. How rude. Hope it doesn't keep you down too long with no one around to fix you chicken soup.

  2. Those Falls are neat in that a wide shallow river goes over a fall into a slot, then all the water exits the middle of the slot in a deep river. That is the amazing part.
    That re hydrated him and gave antibiotic shot. I just tried too give him his pill and I need an army of help to get that done. He has always been hard to give pills, even tiny ones. Tring to get food into him now. At least he has enough energy to fend me off. I think he is 13 years old.

    This is the 2nd time someone has sneezed directly in my face, sine I have been blogging. This guy was a twenty something for malaysia. I do not recall the earlier ones details. I do think it is a lack of hygiene education that causes this. This guy sneezed again and was facing other people and made no effort to place face in elbow or face another way. Virus RNA is so happy to have such a host.
    Kathy made herself chicken noodle soup and shared. Thanks.