Friday, June 29, 2018

Air Show Weekend in Anchorage

USAF Thunderbirds are practicing today. Pic from my driveway.

  This afternoon there has been plenty of F-16 aircraft zooming over our house. They are doing about 300 knots or less and need room to turn around. After being buzzed several times I went inside and got my camera and was lucky to get a pic. Fridays are used to stir up interest and practice.

 Hopefully, these low clouds will move away on show day. Attending the show has changed a lot. A list of what you can bring in was in the local paper and it is worse than Disney. We do plan to attend.

  I got the part for my motorcycle and might get it installed this weekend. I have now driven 10.2 miles on it and have not exceeded 65 mph. That was a short blast in a 55 mph zone between the two exits of our hood. I do not plan to get into the power band this year. 

 Kathy has been enjoying exercise classes and riding her bike. 

  I attended a get to know your stock trading account meeting yesterday. I had to show up in person with two IDs as I had forgotten my account number and password. This was an account set up for me in 2011to keep my hobby of stock trading alive. I created it with $1000 and put 90% of it into BP stock and had plans to play with it. I lost interest in stocks as the market climbed like it did in the late 1920's.  After a lot of questions and sales pitch for professional wealth management, he asked at what age do I plan to retire. I told him " my wife and I retired in 2011." He then changed strategy, are you living on peanut butter sandwiches and sitting at home in rocking chairs?  I got my info and new password and discovered that $1K forgotten about was now worth $10K. Of which $2K is cash I can use for trading or take out and spend. Glad I took care of that task. I may start looking at some stocks I can buy with my $2K, or just forget it all again.

Saving accounts are now paying 1.7% APY and five year CDs are paying 3.25% APY. So interest rates are rising again. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Gliding Through Summer

  There has been nothing of interest to blog about lately. Mowing grass, a Sunny day enjoyed in Seward, a very bizarre play attended, some walking, and a lot of TV binge-watching.

  We have 20 poppies blooming right now, hopefully, no heavy rain takes them away. It is never dark at night, I kind of like that. The daylight is getting shorter slowly, but it does look like Summer is here. 

  No flights in anything yet, it just may be a Summer I do not fly.

  Summer is our ramen noodle time of the year. Spending is reduced and almost all meals are homemade.

  We both still miss Mr Kitty sometimes. It is getting better each day and we just have a few more of his toys to give away.

 The weather has been nice in that no heat or cooling has been needed for over a week now.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Got Married 35 Years Ago

  My friend and I were on a six-week motorcycle tour of National Parks back in 1983. We had made a stop in Las Vegas to visit a friend who worked in Area 51. We were very poor and staying in a very sleazy motel across the street from a store that sold sex toys 24X7.

 While taking a walk close to the motel, we passed a man who claimed to be a religious man who ran the even more sleazy chapel behind him. He explained how we looked like a couple and could legally be one in a few hours.

 The trip to City Hall exposed me to types of people I had only heard of. So with the license in hand, we went back to the chapel with my friend and his wife. We have an old pic to remember that event.

 No one thought a marriage like that could last. At least no one in our families. 

 The old man must have put a special blessing on us, it has been a good ride.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Studied for Blood Test, then enjoyed free Bratz

  Low bandwidth today so no pics.

  Today was my blood test to see how my cholesterol and organs were doing. So after required Fast, I got that chore done and then went to the annual free hot dogs and Bratz with sides and drinks, put on each Summer by a local bank. It is a big event and homeless are not turned away. At any time there are about 500 people there and it was a Sunny warm day for it. They had live music and local police to make sure it is good for everyone. 

 Then it was a trip to the recycle place in midtown to drop off our recycles. After that, we drove up 2000 feet above sea level, to the lake we like to walk around. It was a great 2-mile walk with no bugs. Many people and dogs were out there also. The kayak rental business was doing quite well today.

 Then there was a mini shopping trip to Costco for a few things and refill the gas tank. 
 I need a part for my motorcycle and I stopped in at the Suzuki dealer to get a part number. My bike is a 1991 and it is getting harder to find parts for it. 

 I had not ridden it for many years and have grown fearful of it. I got it in my 30's and rode it hard. Now I am older and silly as it sounds more fearful of dying. I got it out yesterday and drove it 8.4 miles inside the city. I thankfully had a police escort for most of the ride, so I was happy I had all paperwork in order before I tried. I stayed under the speed limit and just tried to get used to it again. I found this hard with a cop car just 4 feet behind me. 

 The bike is not stock. It sounds like a top fuel dragster at idle. Going a steady speed is nearly impossible due to wild ass cam, mega porting, oversize carbs, and tuned header. Can I learn to love this machine again?  I made it back home safe and did not have nervous shakes, so that was a good thing.

Yesterday was target shooting with Pete at the local range. That was a nice Sunny day also.

Monday, June 11, 2018

British Car pics

  Monday was a stormy rainy day, so I am making a post with pics I took on Sunday. We had a very nice stretch of Sunny days and some rain and cooler weather was needed.

  Since these Canada Geese were born in the USA are they now American Geese? 

 Saturday was a 4-mile hike and it kicked my butt. I have a lot of work ahead of me to get back into shape. We have been walking ten miles a week for two weeks and since we are now feeling better we will increase that slowly. I would like to make it above the tree line again. It made me feel so great last year.

  Now for some British car pics. Not many cars showed up, but they were nice to see.

1966 TR 4

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Supercharged intercooled inline DOHC 4

Caterham is modern Lotus 7 copy, has 4 cly Ecotec engine

1974 Jenson Healy

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Thought a ride on a CanAm would make me feel good

  I had never driven one before and I wondered what it was like. My friend had just purchased this one and he let me drive it at the airport only. I may have lost another friend today. 

  It drives like a snowmobile and feels like one. There was a policeman watching the road I was on and taxiway stop signs every few hundred feet. My speed was slow, but I discovered this thing will do great burnouts. I did about three and then the Rotax powered sled died. 

  I offered to buy it since it broke with me driving, but he said he wants the dealer to determine what went wrong and fix it. I offered to pay for the repair if I caused it and then gave him a ride home.

  Sometimes I can't seem to win without loosing.

  I read the repair manual and everything is computer controlled. It has engine rev limiter, automatic upshift and downshifts limiters and speed limiter and a lot of other things to keep idiots like me from hurting it. I suspect it is an electrical fault of some sort. The onboard diagnostics says 'no trouble found.'

  Trying to get over the sadness in our home. It was a bright Sunny day and about 62 degrees.

 I saw this on a pickup as I took my friend home.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

24 Days in Alaska, Mr Kitty Put To Sleep

  Today was a sad one for us. Mr Kitty developed internal organ failure and was in fast decline. The hard decision was made to end his life gracefully and without pain. Many tears shed by both of us.

  Civil twilight for 28 days started today and it will not be dark at night for that time. It was daylight last night anyway as I stayed up with Mr Kitty.

  We have been taking walks at mountain lakes for slowly getting back into exercise. Eklutna Lake in the lowest I have seen in all my years living here. It is the water supply for the city and whirlpools are forming over the intake pipe, not good for sure.

  I dug the mower out and have started mowing the front yard, Many sticks had to be removed as a big Winter storm left the yard a mess.

  No helicopter or airplane flights yet, have the promise of both, but time will tell if they happen.

  We have enjoyed about five Sunny days. The weather has been great.