Friday, June 29, 2018

Air Show Weekend in Anchorage

USAF Thunderbirds are practicing today. Pic from my driveway.

  This afternoon there has been plenty of F-16 aircraft zooming over our house. They are doing about 300 knots or less and need room to turn around. After being buzzed several times I went inside and got my camera and was lucky to get a pic. Fridays are used to stir up interest and practice.

 Hopefully, these low clouds will move away on show day. Attending the show has changed a lot. A list of what you can bring in was in the local paper and it is worse than Disney. We do plan to attend.

  I got the part for my motorcycle and might get it installed this weekend. I have now driven 10.2 miles on it and have not exceeded 65 mph. That was a short blast in a 55 mph zone between the two exits of our hood. I do not plan to get into the power band this year. 

 Kathy has been enjoying exercise classes and riding her bike. 

  I attended a get to know your stock trading account meeting yesterday. I had to show up in person with two IDs as I had forgotten my account number and password. This was an account set up for me in 2011to keep my hobby of stock trading alive. I created it with $1000 and put 90% of it into BP stock and had plans to play with it. I lost interest in stocks as the market climbed like it did in the late 1920's.  After a lot of questions and sales pitch for professional wealth management, he asked at what age do I plan to retire. I told him " my wife and I retired in 2011." He then changed strategy, are you living on peanut butter sandwiches and sitting at home in rocking chairs?  I got my info and new password and discovered that $1K forgotten about was now worth $10K. Of which $2K is cash I can use for trading or take out and spend. Glad I took care of that task. I may start looking at some stocks I can buy with my $2K, or just forget it all again.

Saving accounts are now paying 1.7% APY and five year CDs are paying 3.25% APY. So interest rates are rising again. 

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