Monday, June 11, 2018

British Car pics

  Monday was a stormy rainy day, so I am making a post with pics I took on Sunday. We had a very nice stretch of Sunny days and some rain and cooler weather was needed.

  Since these Canada Geese were born in the USA are they now American Geese? 

 Saturday was a 4-mile hike and it kicked my butt. I have a lot of work ahead of me to get back into shape. We have been walking ten miles a week for two weeks and since we are now feeling better we will increase that slowly. I would like to make it above the tree line again. It made me feel so great last year.

  Now for some British car pics. Not many cars showed up, but they were nice to see.

1966 TR 4

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Supercharged intercooled inline DOHC 4

Caterham is modern Lotus 7 copy, has 4 cly Ecotec engine

1974 Jenson Healy


  1. Were in not for the pesky Lucas wiring, the early Brit cars were classic.

    1. Queried my British Sports Car fanatic friend and he says Lucas is the least of problems keeping classics running.