Monday, June 25, 2018

Gliding Through Summer

  There has been nothing of interest to blog about lately. Mowing grass, a Sunny day enjoyed in Seward, a very bizarre play attended, some walking, and a lot of TV binge-watching.

  We have 20 poppies blooming right now, hopefully, no heavy rain takes them away. It is never dark at night, I kind of like that. The daylight is getting shorter slowly, but it does look like Summer is here. 

  No flights in anything yet, it just may be a Summer I do not fly.

  Summer is our ramen noodle time of the year. Spending is reduced and almost all meals are homemade.

  We both still miss Mr Kitty sometimes. It is getting better each day and we just have a few more of his toys to give away.

 The weather has been nice in that no heat or cooling has been needed for over a week now.

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