Thursday, June 14, 2018

Studied for Blood Test, then enjoyed free Bratz

  Low bandwidth today so no pics.

  Today was my blood test to see how my cholesterol and organs were doing. So after required Fast, I got that chore done and then went to the annual free hot dogs and Bratz with sides and drinks, put on each Summer by a local bank. It is a big event and homeless are not turned away. At any time there are about 500 people there and it was a Sunny warm day for it. They had live music and local police to make sure it is good for everyone. 

 Then it was a trip to the recycle place in midtown to drop off our recycles. After that, we drove up 2000 feet above sea level, to the lake we like to walk around. It was a great 2-mile walk with no bugs. Many people and dogs were out there also. The kayak rental business was doing quite well today.

 Then there was a mini shopping trip to Costco for a few things and refill the gas tank. 
 I need a part for my motorcycle and I stopped in at the Suzuki dealer to get a part number. My bike is a 1991 and it is getting harder to find parts for it. 

 I had not ridden it for many years and have grown fearful of it. I got it in my 30's and rode it hard. Now I am older and silly as it sounds more fearful of dying. I got it out yesterday and drove it 8.4 miles inside the city. I thankfully had a police escort for most of the ride, so I was happy I had all paperwork in order before I tried. I stayed under the speed limit and just tried to get used to it again. I found this hard with a cop car just 4 feet behind me. 

 The bike is not stock. It sounds like a top fuel dragster at idle. Going a steady speed is nearly impossible due to wild ass cam, mega porting, oversize carbs, and tuned header. Can I learn to love this machine again?  I made it back home safe and did not have nervous shakes, so that was a good thing.

Yesterday was target shooting with Pete at the local range. That was a nice Sunny day also.


  1. I laughed out loud at your studying for the blood test too funny. But what you ate after your lipids test would throw them through the roof

    1. I knew I had to get the test before that bad for me yet yummy event. Kathy is trying to get me back on track again.