Saturday, June 9, 2018

Thought a ride on a CanAm would make me feel good

  I had never driven one before and I wondered what it was like. My friend had just purchased this one and he let me drive it at the airport only. I may have lost another friend today. 

  It drives like a snowmobile and feels like one. There was a policeman watching the road I was on and taxiway stop signs every few hundred feet. My speed was slow, but I discovered this thing will do great burnouts. I did about three and then the Rotax powered sled died. 

  I offered to buy it since it broke with me driving, but he said he wants the dealer to determine what went wrong and fix it. I offered to pay for the repair if I caused it and then gave him a ride home.

  Sometimes I can't seem to win without loosing.

  I read the repair manual and everything is computer controlled. It has engine rev limiter, automatic upshift and downshifts limiters and speed limiter and a lot of other things to keep idiots like me from hurting it. I suspect it is an electrical fault of some sort. The onboard diagnostics says 'no trouble found.'

  Trying to get over the sadness in our home. It was a bright Sunny day and about 62 degrees.

 I saw this on a pickup as I took my friend home.


  1. That sucks on that Can Am. I'd like to try one of those Polaris Slingshots sometime. At least for a few minutes anyway. Not really my idea of a good investment. See them every once in a while in Arizona. Usually a senior trying to relive his youth.

    Geez, by the time you read all that crap on the back of the pickup you're likely to cause a wreck - unless it is parked. I guess I don't see what's his point.

    1. Kinda thought the same. I got behind him at stop light to get pic. When I slowly passed him, the truck inside looked like a crazed scientist laboratory. He has 27 cameras looking in all directions in the cab and they are not wireless. Some big gizmo on dash with flashing lights also. Reminds me of the type of guy every small town has, nutter than a fruitcake but a nice person.