Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July

  Today was a busy shopping day for us. Just life errands that needed doing. It was our warmest day this year also. It officially made it to 80 degrees F, although it was cooler at our home. It was a lot nicer than power washing the back deck yesterday. The good side of power washing is I now have a pair of jeans dirty enough to use the weed eater this week. It always bugs me to weed eat in clean clothes.

  The airplane above is stationed at JBER in Anchorage. It is an F-22 Fighter Jet. More noise on takeoff than an F-15 and it awakens me most every weekday. An amazing airplane in my opinion.

  The airplane above is a C-17 Cargo Aircraft stationed at JBER. It was showing how it can take off and land using only 3800 feet of runway

  The new gas valve works on the motorcycle.

  My neighbor informed me I missed the three black bear cubs playing in my front yard woods. This is the only place I have lived where I look outside before going outside as there are animals that could eat me.


  1. Happy 4th to you too. I'm always thrilled to see black bears though not in my yard if that was their former habitat.

  2. Our back yard is BLM land and bears have wandered into our yard since we moved here. We have never had a problem with them though, they are just curious or enjoy the yards or something. We get our share of Brown Bears also and they do the same. Just part of living almost in the forest.