Friday, July 13, 2018

Hiked Above The Treeline Today

  No pics again tonight, technical problems.

  Last week on our warmest day this Summer at 83 degrees, We drove to the lake and planned to hike the East mountain only to the crashed car that rests about one mile and 1000 feet above the lake. It was a good hike but we both knew that making it to the top was not going to happen. 

 We then had a lot of rainy days and today was clouds without rain. So we drove to the lake again and started walking. It is flat from where you park and then the trail starts 2.6 miles and 1800 feet up. The 1800 feet up happens in the first two miles and it is hard to find level ground to stand and rest. With the clouds, we were sure the steepest part of the climb above the shade of the trees would not be a problem. At the top, we rested for thirty minutes to let our pulse and breathing a chance to return to normal. 

 The walk down is hard on the shins but otherwise easy. It was a great day to enjoy the simple things in life.

 A shower as soon as we got home to remove bug spray and sweat was greatly needed.

 I will add pics later if I can get them off the phone. This last Windows update screwed me again.



  1. I bet that smart watch was about to explode after you arrived at the top. I wish I had some elevation in my walks but have found my driveway to be a good workout by going up and down the 100'. Look forward to seeing those pics.

  2. Replies
    1. Guessing late 40's to mid 50's sedan. Has lots of chrome and roof extends over the windshield.

  3. Glad to know not to do the Windows update which I've been putting off. Thanks. Sounds like a heart healthy hike for sure. 83 in Alaska does seem pretty hot. 79 in Great Smoky Mountain National park and 90 where Winnona is parked outside of it are both really hot even for July here.

    1. I was glad my heart was healthy enough to do the hike. I have to let Kathy set the pace or I can't make it all the way. I tend to walk too fast and burn out if I set the pace. It makes me wonder about Windows updates, this one removed my SD card reader drivers and all my downloads that allow my phone to talk to my laptop. It also slowed down operations a lot also.