Friday, August 10, 2018

A Fast Walk In The City Park

  Our walk today was at a local city park. We did one hour West and then one hour back to our car. It was a great day for a fast-paced walk on a paved trail. The pic above is of the mud/silt water that is on three sides of Anchorage. In the distance are the snow-covered mountains of the Alaska Range.

  This Dragonfly had landed on me and then posed for a picture on the path. I could not get his pic while he was on me. Perhaps he liked my orange shirt.

  A trip to Costco for veggies and milk etc was done on the way back home. Then I got sidetracked after I put the groceries away.

  I changed the H7 headlight bulb in our neighbor's car. A Youtube video showed me how to find and change it. VW engineers did their best to make it impossible for the average bear.

  There was no motorcycle ride for me, my fault. 

  Kathy got me a new King novel to read from the library and we should have rain tomorrow night. So I hope to start another journey into his world and will spend lots of time in my reading room.

  Sure hope it not a story about plants eating people.


  1. YouTube is a lifesaver when it comes to auto maintenance and repair. I am in no way a mechanic but it has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years finding answers to my questions on YouTube and then getting the repair done on my time.

    1. Couldn't agree more. Youtube is my go to for mechanical information and I have discovered the need to read comments. Some videos are only kinda correct and need to be weeded out.