Sunday, September 23, 2018

A Sunny Week in Seward Alaska

  It was another mini vacation for us and the weather was great! We drove the old red van the two hours down there with a picnic lunch in the pass about half way. A hike at Exit Glacier was a daily activity as was a fast walk from the Sea life Center to the downtown harbor.

One day was a 6 hour boat tour on a very calm ocean on a two for one military ticket. The boat was very full as it was end of season and only two boats were in use.

  We stayed in a townhouse at the Military Resort since they had low off season prices now. So a tank of gas and some grocery's and one dinner in Seward and a lot of beer were our largest costs.

    So since we got home, it has been raking leaves, riding my motorcycle, and watching TV. 

  Tomorrow I get to schedule a few helicopter rides as the tourist season is over. It will be chilly rides but that is better than hot ones.

  My flying buddy is back in town tonight, so there should be some Cessna 172 rides through the mountains over the next few weeks.



  1. Great photos of some fantastic scenery. Sounds like a great trip. It must be nice to live so close.

    1. It is a beautiful two hour drive from our home to the ocean trail parking lot. I may add another post with more boat pics later. I took my Nikon on the boat and took way too many great pictures and a few duds. Thanks for the compliments.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Love the scenery and the seals. Very nice perks for the military. Glad you could take advantage.