Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Trip To Denali NP to Enjoy The Fall Colors

Denali the highest peak in North America from our lodge room

  It was a mini vacation to enjoy the mountains and colorful foliage. The weather was great! Denali was always visible and quite nice to see. Princess had their end of season discount for rif raf locals like us. There were still hundreds of tourists there but they had a few rooms available. 

 The drive up was beautiful yet eventful. We were meeting a fifth-wheel RV that had a dramatic blowout and as we both watched we dove down and closed our eyes. A smaller part of the tire hit our windshield and the giant C shaped piece went over the top of our van. The windshield did not crack and I have not found any other damage to our van yet. It was a bit scary for sure. 

  We were staying 110 miles South of the Nat Park entrance road and it has the best view of Denali.

 Above is the view from the deck at the lobby of the lodge. The view remained for many days and that is a rare event.

  We drove into the park and did the Savage River hike each day and then the old camp loop on the way out. We left on Thursday and had a nice drive home. The park concessions were closed on Friday and the park Visitor Center was closed on Monday. The lodge was in shut down mode as the tourist season is over for this year. There are places that stay open for shoulder visitors but they are few.

 It was a fun time and it has been good being home also. Just errands being done and getting the yard ready for Winter have been the activities Friday and today. Picked up mail, returned a broken GoPro for replacement and spending time with neighbors cat each night. 

 The red van got a whole new set of all-season tires after a blowout ruined one of the last new tires with 4K miles on them. The company changed the tire design and they could not be mixed on an AWD car. They would not let me keep any of the 3 great condition tires for a spare as it was a warranty exchange. I did want a new spare but the old one worked and will hopefully never be needed again.  

  These pics were taken late in the day and have shadows. I told a lady I was impersonating a traffic cone after her husband made a comment about my T-shirt.

  It appears we have had our last day in the 60's, sure hope we have a lot in the 50's before it gets cold. It is getting dark at 9 pm now and the seasons are changing. Yellow trees are everywhere and a ton of leaves are in my yard. My squirrel relocation total was 8 for this Summer. 

 So that was our week.


  1. Good thing a chunk of that RV tire didn't go through your windshield. Would have been lights out. On every RV we've owned we have had a blowout. Always does damage to the RV. I thought trailer tires were suppose to have better sidewalls. I've always watched the inflation close, so can't figure why they blow out. Some guys have gone to putting LT tires on their RV's.

    1. Yep when that tire blew, the major parts were headed right for our windshield and we got so lucky they went over the van, except one that hit our windshield. We have a mark on the side of the body also, that took off the clear coat but no dent. It was lucky for us for sure. I have towed boats from Michigan to Alaska and boats from Texas to Alabama and never had a blowout. It appears RV's have the cheapest tires on them when sold. It could be they are overweight also. LT tires should be mandatory on large trailers. It would be good for everyone.

  2. Goodness what a scare. In 8 years we've never had a blowout but we put new tires on our used rv when we bought it and replaced them 5 years later. Denali for fall color sounds so amazing.