Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Very Fun Day

  Above is a pic of our trees late in the wonderful day. Today started by sleeping in late and knowing I had a helicopter ride at 3 PM to look forward to. 

  Kathy had some errands to run so I drove and enjoyed the sunny day. It was a trip to the library and then Costco for chicken breasts and milk and fudge bars. I ate a slice of pizza also as I did not want to fly hungry. We put the grocery's away and then I drove to the airport.

  It was the same R-44 I flew 2 years ago but now not converted to a camera ship. It has two rears seats so the instructors nephew went along on the sightseeing flight. It was nice to have the extra weight in the rear.

  Instructor Mark facing me and his nephew. I am very lucky Mark flies with me and is helping me get back current in this bird. We are scheduled to fly again on Thursday.

  We went up Ship Creek to the lake and then cut through the pass to Indian and then flew the tidal mud flats back to Anchorage. It was beautiful.

  After the flight I rode my motorcycle for about an hour and thought how I did the same back when I was 19 years old. I have enjoyed my life.

  As the title said, this was a very fun day for me.

  I only got a few pics with my phone in the valley while Mark took the controls for me. It is not possible to hover and use a cell phone to take pics.

  My bike after I got home and my junk filled garage. It is time to put things back in the shed and get prepared to keep both vans in the garage. 

  Now for a few hanger pics of cool airplanes.

Helio Courier

  That is all I have. Enjoying a great micro brew.


  1. I love the aerial photos you post and of course all of the different planes/helos. I need to look for an aircraft museum near me I think and take a trip to see it.

  2. Beautiful trees. Sounds like just the kind of day you like. Ain't life grand!

    1. Thank You!
      Trying my best to enjoy every day in this last third of my life.