Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fall Is Here, A Few Sunny 60 Degree Days Left

A 1931 Pilgram  airworthy and last one in existence 

  The weather has been great for a week and it appears we will have two more as it slowly gets cooler. We went to the State Fair a second time on $5 day last Sunday, Thanks Gieco. It was a sunny low 60's day and very crowded as we walked around. We saw all the things we missed on the first visit, and I took a short twilight helicopter ride. I had never ridden in the back and I do love low light flights. I tried my Nikon placed on my hand between the two flight instructors heads. I have a lot to learn and need an audio converter cable if I do that again. I started a youtube channel for my brother to see my acro rides and it is lower quality than this makeshift blog I write. If anyone wants to see a helicopter ride from sea level to eight thousand feet to circle a mountain and back at twilight, you can just Google ' Airborne Misfit 'and click on the youtube link. Perhaps I will learn to take good videos and that needed skill of editing and make a good video someday, do not hold your breath for that.
  I have been taking an old coworker out for daily walks and visits to museums as he just left the workforce and is taking it hard. He did not have a plan of activities set up and went from full-bore work to watching TV. The adjustment will slowly happen but it will take time. He has a nice home and car and no debt and decent income, yet there is a bit more to not working fulltime.

 My South neighbor just had his last workday last Friday and is happy as can be. He bikes in marathons and is an avid and renown ' birder.' I saw him heading off into the woods with binocs and a DSLR with a 400mm lens hung on it, happy as could be.

 The neighbors on the West side of me left for a two-month adventure in their 16-foot Scamp behind a Ford F 150 pickup. They will fly home and then resume their travels after Christmas. 

 There are 9 homes on our culdesac and only two have working families in them. I guess we are becoming the geezer street.


  1. Love the idea of a geezer street. Feel very sorry for the man with no identity beyond his job. Hope he can find things to look forward to.

    1. Thanks Sherry. I am pulling for him, he should mellow soon or perhaps just find another job to work until he dies. Hope you got wifeys email response to your comment on the last post. Her name is different and I think it shows up as K Marie, might check your spam if you did not see it.