Friday, September 7, 2018

Had a Wonderful Day Trip To Seward Alaska

  We noticed it was a sunny day from Anchorage to Seward 120 miles South and Kathy packed a picnic lunch and the red van drove that road yet again. We had lunch where we sometimes camped for a few days and no one else was there, just nature sounds and blissful in Turnigan Pass. The food was good also.

  It was a no traffic drive and we were able to enjoy all the scenery along the way. We did the Exit Glacier National Park Hikes and then had dinner at the Seward Brewery. 

  Kathy loves microbrews and most have very good food also. This place will close for the season on Monday, so we were lucky to have a meal there. Just a gee wiz as what a small world we live on, Kathy made a Sarasota Florida concert reservation today and the woman suggested we visit her cousin in Seward Alaska as she owns a microbrewery there called 'The Seward Brewing Company.'  

 News from my Doc about my Colon guard test results being negative really made it a great day! I have to poop in a bucket again in 3 years. 

Fishing for Silver Sammon just offshore

This is my Fav pickup camper, side door, genset, king bed over cab.

  The next day was mowing our lawn yet again. Today was a free Chamber Music Concert at the Museum. We will be attending the paid concerts at the concert hall for the next two weeks also.

  This great weather is staying around a few more days and we hope to enjoy it also. High 60's and Sunny is very nice.